Top 5 BeeTV Alternatives – iOS Optimized (2024)

BeeTV APK is the best streaming app that provides a smooth and user-oriented experience for online streaming. It gives its users thousands of movies and TV shows worldwide for free. It covers a large global audience and fulfills its demands in a user-friendly manner. It is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. It is unique in its own way in providing premium and paid content to its users without any cost. Still, some BeeTV Alternatives also satisfy user intent in the same way as BeeTV.


Moreover, users also want to experience different streaming apps to satisfy their intent. In this article, we have provided a list of some other premium apps like BeeTV for iOS. We have also discussed their features and benefits to help you choose the best one. These apps will help you experience streaming your favorite Movies and TV Shows in their own specialized way. Please go through the complete article and find out the hidden gems buried inside it.

BeeTV Alternatives for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Application NameAlternativesPrice
CucoTVTea TV, Pluto TV, Nova TVFree
HDO BoxCyberflix TV, Cinema HD, Movie HDFree
MediaBox HDMedia Lounge, Movie HD, Movie Box ProFree with Ads
MovieBox ProMedia Lounge, FilmPlus APK, Cinema HD, HDO BoxFree
OnStreamOcean Streamz, Putlocker, SynclerFree
BeeTV Alternative for iPhone & iPad

1- CocuTV

CucoTV APK is one of the best BeeTV alternatives that provides content to its users 100% free. It doesn’t provide content only; it gives you the option to “Download” your content. You can download your desired content while streaming your favorite Movies and TV Shows. Moreover, the content available is mostly high-quality unless it is too old.


On Cuco TV, you can also find subtitles for your classical and latest content. It provides many streaming links, so you can select a preferred one and avoid server berries. Sometimes, some links are not workable in a specific country, so multiple streaming links help you overcome this problem.

Cuco TV APK also has a unique interface that allows you to see sections perfectly organized. These sections help you to find your favorite content without wandering here and there. You can also find your content in categories and genres according to your mood and taste. Download CucoTV iOS and start watching your favorite Movies and TV Shows in a user-friendly way.

CucoTV as BeeTV Alternatives

CucoTV Alternative Apps: Tea TV, Pluto TV, Nova TV

2- HDO Box

HDO Box APK is another of the best BeeTV alternatives for iOS available across the web. It allows iOS users to find their favorite high-quality content that is compatible with their devices. Similar to the BeeTV iOS version, it provides high-quality content in almost 30+ languages, ensuring that you enjoy it in every way.


HDO Box iOS has a highly designed and compatible interface to ensure iOS user-friendliness. The division of content into categories helps users find content, which makes this app more handy for iOS users. You can also make your own “Watchlist” so you can enjoy your content later without wasting your time.

HDO Box Mod APK also offers an ad-free experience, avoiding interruptions while watching content. Moreover, the HDO Box app is compatible with Real-Debrid integration, delivering high-quality content with a smooth streaming experience.

HDO Box as BeeTV Alternatives

HDO Box Alternatives: Cyberflix TV, Cinema HD, Movie HD

3- MediaBox HD

MediaBox APK enables iOS users to stream their favorite content in the quality that is most compatible with their devices. It is a multi-device support app that is a well-known BeeTV alternatives for iOS devices. It grants access to premium and paid content without any subscription fee, but you can also buy its premium version to get access to many premium features.


After the last update, MediaBox HD for iOS is a pretty amazing app. It is now compatible with DLNA and AirPlay receivers. Moreover, it has a modern interface that shows a variety of content in a highly organized manner.

MediaBox HD APK also offers multiple features, such as “Download,” “Trailers,” and “Reviews.” Moreover, it has a separate section for Kids, which makes it more user-friendly. To make it friendly for your kids, you just have to activate the “Kid Mode” option. You can also change the background theme according to your preference.

MediaBox HD as BeeTV Alternatives

MediaBox HD Alternative Apps: Media Lounge, Movie HD, Movie Box Pro

4- MovieBox Pro

MovieBox Pro APK is another free app that provides thousands of Movies and TV Shows. It stands out among Bee TV alternatives for iOS devices. It is one such streaming app that has frequent updates throughout the year. It can also provide you with not only movies and TV shows but also live TV channels in different categories.

MovieBox Pro APK has a vast library of organized content so you can easily find your premium content. It provides you with different streaming links so you can watch your content in your specific region and country. You can also share your selected content with your friends and loved ones.


MovieBox Pro iOS also provides “Subtitles” for your content in multiple languages. You just have to select a specific subtitle link according to your desired content. MovieBox Pro Mod APK version also provides content free from annoying ads to conserve a user-friendly experience.

MovieBox Pro VIP also gives you access to global content. That means you can watch content that is free from Geo-Blocked restrictions. It also provides you with premium quality buffering-free content. In short, it is one of the most compatible apps for iOS devices for enjoying smooth streaming of premium content.

MovieBox Pro as BeeTV Alternatives

MovieBox Pro Alternative Apps: Media Lounge, Filmplus, Cinema HD, HDO Box

5- OnStream

OnStream APK caught the attention of many entertainment geeks and emerged as an advanced BeeTV alternatives. This app keeps its content fresh and up-to-date with frequent updates. Like BeeTV, it doesn’t require a subscription and is 100% free. In short, it satisfies the streaming demands of iOS users in every aspect.


OnStream App also provides subtitles in 50+ languages, with English as a major language. It has a user-friendly interface and divides content into different sections. You can also search for your favorite content with a “Search” option on the home screen.

OnStream movie app allows users to adjust their content quality. It’s because the content is available in different resolutions. You can also downgrade your content quality if you have a low-end device. Likewise, OnStream iOS allows its users to watch content in high definition (2K, 1080p, 720p). You can download OnStream for iOS on all types of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) as it is compatible with all products.

OnStream as BeeTV Alternatives

Other Apps like OnStream: Ocean Streamz, Putlocker, Syncler

Frequently Asked Questions

BeeTV is working smoothly and correctly. After the recent update, it is now available with more advanced features. If your app is stuck on an Ad please update the app to the latest version. Moreover, please make sure that your internet connection is stable.

You can install this app on your iOS device with the help of “AppValley”. Please navigate to our dedicated article and find the complete process. It will tell you how to download and install BeeTV on iOS.

Although BeeTV is a 100% free app that provides premium content, users can also try other apps similar to BeeTV, such as OnStream APK, HDO Box APK, Movie Box Pro APK, etc. 


BeeTV iOS is one of the most compatible streaming apps for iOS devices. It provides iOS users with their desired content in a highly compatible way. Since installing a third-party app to get BeeTV is difficult, many users find it difficult. So, they want to find Bee TV Alternatives. In reality, the installation process for this app is quite simple.

So, we dedicated this article to users who want to find apps like BeeTV. Moreover, exploring new things is a good idea. In this article, we have provided some unique alternative apps for iOS users. This includes HDO Box APK, Cuco TV APK, OnStream APK, and others. These apps have unique features that we have discussed above for your ease. You can easily compare these apps and find a good one by reading the article above.