12 Best BeeTV Alternative Apps for Firestick

Are you looking for some of the best and working BeeTV Alternatives for Firestick? If yes, then your search ends here! In this article, we have provided unique and working BeeTV Alternative Apps for your Firestick, Firestick 4K, and Fire TV. These apps are so unique that you can even use them on Jailbroken Firestick. All these apps will provide almost the same experience as BeeTV Firestick.

Watching your favorite movies and TV shows for free is a challenging job for everyone. Mostly, streaming apps charge you a monthly fee to let you watch their premium content. Then, Bee TV Firestick caught the attention of entertainment geeks who love to use Firestick. It provides premium and paid content to Firestick users without a single penny. Since this app offers its audience premium features, the audience wants to experience more apps like BeeTV.

12 Best BeeTV Alternative Apps for Firestick

Now, the audience wants to experience new streaming apps like Bee TV. Moreover, some people need help with using this premium app. However, the latest BeeTV update has launched with extra features and issues resolved. We have provided a list of apps similar to BeeTV below so that users can experience new streaming platforms and decide what is best. Please go through the article below to dig the hidden gems of some other premium apps.

BeeTV Alternative Apps for Firestick

Here, we have provided a list of 100% free premium streaming apps. You can install these apps on your Firestick or Fire TV with ease. These apps are also compatible with Jailbroken Firestick. We have also provided some premium features of these apps so you can decide which will work for you. Moreover, these apps are fully workable and can be used without concerns. You must also try the latest version of BeeTV for Firestick. It is pretty amazing after the recent update.

1- Cinema HD as BeeTV Alternative

Cinema HD APK is one of the best BeeTV alternatives for Firestick. It is readily available on the web and provides you with your favorite Movies and TV Shows in crystal clear quality. It gives you access to high-quality classical and blockbuster content. As you can understand from its name, you can experience home cinema with this Firestick app.


The Cinema HD Firestick version also grants you access to subtitles in your preferred language. It has a variety of subtitles available in multiple worldwide languages. It also has a classical interface that helps you find your content easily. Moreover, this uncluttered interface lets you read titles, descriptions, and reviews easily.

Cinema HD for Firestick also comes with the unique option of Real-Debrid or TREKT TV integration. This feature enables users to have complete control of content quality. Users can watch their desired Movie or TV Show in premium and high-quality, e.g., 4K, 2K, 1080p. With the help of the Cinema HD App, users can experience premium streaming services.


Cinema HD Mod version helps users experience their favorite content without annoying ads. Moreover, it also gives an option of “Request on Demand,” which allows users to get their desired content. So, Install Cinema HD on Firestick and bring the cinema to your home!

Cinema HD Alternative Apps: MediaBox HD, Movie HD

2- CucoTV as BeeTV Alternative

CucoTV APK is another best BeeTV alternative for Firestick, FireTV, and Firestick 4K. It provides Firestick users with Movies and TV Shows with top-notch content quality. Although it is new in the market, it gathers a large audience across the globe due to its unique features. It not only supports Firestick or FireTV but is handy for other users. Android, iOS, Windows, and Nvidia Shield users can enjoy it easily.


Cuco TV also lets you download your favorite content to watch it later, even if you are offline. Moreover, you can download Movies, TV Shows, and Web-series while watching a piece of content on it. Furthermore, this app provides you with different high-quality streaming links. You can decide which link is best for your Firestick/Fire TV.


On Cuco TV APK, you can also downgrade content quality if you have an unstable internet connection. It also provides subtitle support by offering subtitles in 50+ languages. Moreover, the interface has different sections and categories. It helps you to navigate to your desired content quickly. It has a built-in media player, which makes the streaming experience user-friendly.

CucoTV Alternative Apps: Tea TV, Nova TV, Pluto TV

3- Cyberflix TV as BeeTV Alternative

After Terrarium’s shutdown, the audience is looking for some amazing similar platforms. Cyberflix TV APK is one such application that is not just a BeeTV alternative app but fills the gap of Terrarium. It is one of the most compatible apps for Firestick, which allows you to stream online for free. Moreover, this app has one of the largest databases of subtitles, which makes it more premium and user-friendly.


Cyberflix TV Firestick version is a lifesaver for those who love to watch high-quality content on big screens. It enables them to integrate TRAKT TV and Real-Debrid, enabling them to experience buttery smooth content quality. Users can watch their favorite Movies and TV Shows at their desired quality even in 4K. It also supports external media players, which makes the streaming experience more smooth.


Cyberflix TV for Firestick has a user-friendly interface. It offers multiple options available on the home screen. Users can search for their favorite content by clicking the “Search” icon. Moreover, it will give you numerous streaming links to watch your content. So, you must not stick to a single streaming link.

Cyberflix TV Alternative Apps: CucoTV, BeeTV, Pluto TV

4- FilmPlus as BeeTV Alternative

FilmPlus APK is not just a BeeTV alternative app but also a remake of other apps like Terrarium and MediaBox HD. Its latest version also has some advanced features compared to previous versions. This app provides 100% free access to premium content to its users. It has content from almost all film industries, e.g., Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, etc.


Film Plus APK also has a modern interface with content divided into different sections. You can also find your desired content in your preferred genres. So, you can stream content from classical and evergreen to the latest blockbusters. It also has a vast library of hundreds of thousands of Movies, TV Shows, Web-series. Moreover, it includes Documentaries, Anime, and Sports.

FilmPlus for Firestick also provides subtitles in more than 30 languages, including English, Spanish, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and more. Moreover, it allows you to select your relevant subtitle links before watching the content. Pre-loaded subtitle availability is also a unique feature of this app. You can also download your favorite Movies and Web-series with the help of the “Downloader” from it.


Film Plus Mod APK version provides nonstop entertainment to its users by providing them with Ads-free content. Film Plus also has the capability of Real-Debrid and TRAKT TV integration. This unique feature allows users to have complete control over quality. They can watch their favorite content in 4K, 2K, and 1080p and can change it accordingly.

FilmPlus Alternative Apps: MediaBox HD, HDO Box, Cinema HD

5- HDO Box as BeeTV Alternative

Several streaming apps are in the market to replace Morpheus and Terrarium. HDO Box APK is one such app that not only beats its competitors but also becomes one of the best alternatives. It has also become a top BeeTV alternative app due to its unique Firestick and Fire TV features. It provides them with the latest and most unique content that is 100% free.


HDO Box App is one of the most compatible Firestick/Fire TV streaming apps. Like other apps, it also supports the Jailbroken Firestick. Terrarium users should also experience the HDO Box Firestick version. It has a unique place among all the different alternatives of Terrarium due to its unique features. For example, it is 100% free and provides thousands of movies and TV shows to Firestick users.


HDO Box for Firestick also has some other advanced features, like “Subtitles Support.” It provides content division in different genres, from classical to latest. You can also find your content year-wise. Moreover, HDO Box Mod APK provides an Ad-Free experience to its users who want to get rid of repetitive ads.

HDO Box Alternative Apps: MediaBox HD, Movie HD

6- Media Lounge as BeeTV Alternative

Media Lounge APK is one of the newest BeeTV alternative apps, giving access to various content categories. This is among one of those apps that allows you to watch Live TV. It has different sections like Live TV, Adult TV, Sports TV, Movies, and TV Shows. So you can watch live sports matches and news channels by using this latest streaming app.


On Media Lounge Firestick version, you can access premium content in high-quality (2K, 1080p, and 720p). It shows you different streaming links of related content so you can choose a specific one. These streaming links also state the content quality and availability of subtitles. Ultimately, it gives you complete control to enhance your streaming experience.

Media Lounge APK latest version has a lot of new features enriched in it. Previously, users faced difficulties while using this unique app. With the latest update developers tried their best to make it user-friendly. So if you previously used this app you will experience something new. Moreover, Real-Debrid integration has made the Media Lounge app more versatile and user-friendly.

Media Lounge Alternative Apps: OnStream, Syncler

7- MediaBox HD as BeeTV Alternative

MediaBox HD APK lets you watch Trending and Blockbuster movies, anime, and evergreen content. This BeeTV alternative app is compatible with almost all types of devices. Whether you use an Android or Firestick, you are good to go without concerns. It is also compatible with Chromecast and Nvidia Shield.


MediaBox HD comes with many advanced features to promote user-friendliness. It organizes content for its users to enhance user experience. As you can see from its name, high-quality content provision is one of its high priorities. It also lets you download your favorite movies and TV shows and doesn’t require any external downloader app.


On MediaBox HD APK, you can also make your own “Watchlist.” Moreover, it has different sections like “History,” “Favorite,” and “Recently Watched.” If you want to enjoy your desired content in your preferred language, then you should try this app. It will give you different streaming links so you can experience it better than expected.

MediaBox HD Alternative Apps: HDO Box, Cinema HD

8- Movie Box Pro as BeeTV Alternative

Movie Box Pro APK is another BeeTV alternative app that allows you to watch Live TV. It will enable you to watch not only movies and TV shows but also news channels and live sports. It provides you with thousands of movies, TV shows, anime, and documentaries on your Firestick. Moreover, it frequently updates its content so you can get the latest content as soon as possible.


Movie Box Pro App has a vast library of content in a highly organized manner. You can find the content you desire quickly. Moreover, it gives the option of sharing streaming links. So you can watch them and share them with your friends and family. Furthermore, it offers you an option to “Download” your content. You can download your content and watch it later in your spare time. Remember to use a VPN when downloading to avoid any tracking.

Movie Box Pro Firestick version is also available with the option of Real-Debrid integration. It lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows in HD. Moreover, this content is free from Geo-blocked restrictions, so you can enjoy it anywhere in every country. Movie Box Pro VIP version offers buffer-less streaming in multiple languages.

Movie Box Pro Alternative Apps: HDO Box, Movie HD

9- Movie HD as BeeTV Alternative

Movie HD APK is also a good option for users who have used Terrarium previously. Due to similar features, it has become highly popular among Terrarium users. We can say it’s an upgraded version of Terrarium with more advanced features. Likewise, it’s a good option for users looking for BeeTV alternatives.


Movie HD APK Firestick version is a lightweight Firestick version that provides free content. You do not need any subscription to enjoy its premium content. Its neatly organized content library prevents effortless browsing. Moreover, it supports external media players like NV Video Player or VLC Media Player.


Movie HD Mod APK avoids unnecessary ads while streaming your favorite content. It also has a built-in auto-updater that updates your app automatically. Moreover, the content available has subtitles in multiple languages, mostly English. You can also search for your desired content and download it easily.

Movie HD Alternative Apps: Cinema HD, MediaBox HD

10- Ocean Streamz as Bee TV Alternative

Ocean Streamz APK is also a streaming app that not only provides movies, TV shows, and web-series but also Live TV channels. It gives you access to news channels, live matches, and anime. Moreover, all the content available on it will be of high quality (2K, 1080p,720p). In addition, Real-Debrid and TRAKT integration ensures HD-quality content.


Ocean Streamz Firestick version has a built-in video player to give you a bufferless streaming experience. Users who are looking for a modern interface that is easy to use can also go with this version. Ocean Streamz Mod APK also ensures that the users are enjoying an ad-free experience. So, if you are looking for a better BeeTV alternative app, Ocean Streamz is the name.

Oceanz Streamz Alternative Apps: Syncler, Putlocker

11- OnStream as Bee TV Alternative

OnStream APK is another popular BeeTV alternative app highly compatible with Firestick, FireTV, and PC. It is a third-party streaming application that gives you access to Live TV and YouTube also. This app does not require any sign-in/sign-up to let you access its premium content. Moreover, it provides subtitle support to its users.


OnStream App has a vast library of thousands of content pieces, and all are available in high quality. Moreover, its classical and user-friendly interface helps you to adjust to it quickly. In this way, it allows you to set your preferences for streaming experience and quality. Moreover, it enables you to navigate your desired content quickly without wasting your time.


OnStream Firestick version also comes with the feature of availability of multiple servers for a single piece of content. You can use alternate servers in case a server is not working. The “Search” option is also available to help in your search for specific content. Moreover, descriptions and reviews are also available for your selected content.

OnStream APK Alternative Apps: Pluto TV, Putlocker, Nova TV

12- Tea TV as Bee TV Alternative

Tea TV APK offers some of the best features that a streaming app must have. It is not just a streaming app that provides movies and TV shows. You can say that it’s like IMDb which provides trailers, reviews, details, and descriptions of the content. It provides you with exclusive content in real time so you can miss a single episode of your favorite TV show. In short, it’s the best choice for those who are looking for BeeTV alternates.


Tea TV App also provides you with Live TV channels like some other alternative apps. It also permits you to create your personalized list of content. Its modern interface makes it easy for you to navigate your specific content. Subtitle support is also a prominent feature of the Tea TV App. 


Tea TV for Firestick also allows you to integrate Real-Debrid and TRAKT TV. This feature helps you to get high-quality content with zero-buffering. It also uses a media player that helps in avoiding buffering. Moreover, Tea TV Mod APK prevents unnecessary ads and maintains user experience. So download Tea TV and enjoy one of the best BeeTV alternative apps.

Tea TV Alternatives: Cocu TV, Popcorn Time APK, TVZion

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download BeeTV for Firestick with the help of “Downloader App” or “ES File Explorer”. If you have these applications in your Firestick simply put the URL of our site and it will download. You can navigate to our dedicated article on how to download and install BeeTV Firestick. 

You can update the application the same way you installed it for the first time. Just put the website URL on “Downloader App” and get the BeeTV latest version.

BeeTV on Firestick is working smoothly and correctly. Moreover, a recent update resolves all issues users have faced in the past few months. Please update the app to the latest version to enjoy a smooth streaming experience.

Download BeeTV Mod APK to remove unnecessary ads. However, the basic version also provides an ad-free experience.


Users have started to find BeeTV alternative apps due to some problems and glitches. However, the latest update of BeeTV is free from all such issues and glitches. Moreover, audiences want to explore new alternative apps to experience new streaming platforms. So, we have provided a list of alternative apps to experience something new. Please explore the above list of these premium apps with their features mentioned. We have also entertained some queries related to BeeTV on Firestick. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any problems.