BeeTV Update Guide – Fix BeeTV Update not Working Issues

BeeTV is a new streaming application that provides content to users from its collaborating websites. In the post-epidemic era, it gained massive popularity due to its premium features. People can watch their favorite movies and TV shows without needing a subscription. Moreover, its simple and modern interface helps users find their desired content quickly and save time. In this article, we will concisely discuss queries related to BeeTV Update that users face. Moreover, we will guide users about how to fix the BeeTV Update not working issue simply and easily.

Why is BeeTV not Updating?

There are many reasons why users face issues with BeeTV updates and installation processes. Some problems might be from the user end, so only users can solve them. Here are the common reasons why users face issues while updating BeeTV.


Apps Settings

Sometimes, your device doesn’t have proper app settings, so BeeTV won’t update. Options like “Enable Unknown Sources” or “Install Unknown Sources” of the app could be disabled, which causes problems.


Device Compatibility

Although BeeTV is compatible with all types of devices, sometimes, a few devices don’t support the new BeeTV update. Users might try switching to another device to see if it works.


Server Issues

Sometimes, the servers that host the update file may have issues that cause a problem while updating. If you confront this issue, please wait for some time and try again in a few hours.


Storage Space

Please ensure your device has enough storage space and RAM to install and update BeeTV properly. At least 2 GB RAM and 100 MB of free storage space will work for you.

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How to Update BeeTV on Firestick?

Updating BeeTV for Firestick is one of the simplest tasks you will ever have. Below are a few simple steps on how to update BeeTV App on Firestick.

  • Please enable the “Install Unknown Apps” option on your Firestick.
  • After that, please uninstall the older or previous version of BeeTV Firestick from your Firestick.
  • Open the “Downloader App” and paste the exact URL “” in the “Browser” option.
  • It will open up our dedicated page of BeeTV for Firestick on our website.
  • Find the “Download” button and click on it to update BeeTV on Firestick.
  • Remember to “Enable JavaScript” in the “Downloader App” options in case you encounter difficulties while downloading and installing.

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How to Fix BeeTV Update Not Working Issue?

Many of you are wondering, “Why is BeeTV not Working after Update?” We have an answer to your query here. The main reasons behind this problem are your device compatibility, internet connection, unnecessary cache, and outdated software. Please follow the instructions below to fix this unwanted issue.

  • Please ensure your device has a stable internet connection (Minimally 5Mbps).
  • Update the software on your device if you have an outdated version.
  • Please clear the app cache of BeeTV from the “App Settings” of your device.
  • Sometimes, your device is not compatible with the newer version of the app. In this case, you may reinstall the older or previous version of the BeeTV App.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please clear the BeeTV app cache and try restarting your device. Moreover, you can also move to the older versions of the app.

No, BeeTV is working correctly and smoothly on all devices. If you have any related issues, please read the dedicated article on how to fix BeeTV not working issues on our website.

The BeeTV standard version is not completely ad-free, but it ensures an ads-free experience while watching the content. You can also try the BeeTV Mod APK version, which is a modified third-party version of the app.

You can get BeeTV for Firestick with the help of the “Downloader app” and install it on your device. Please navigate to our dedicated article for a complete guide on setting up BeeTV on Firestick.


This article helps you guide how to get the BeeTV update and how to get rid of issues related to the BeeTV update not working. Moreover, we have provided helpful and easy-to-do instructions related to the update of the BeeTV Firestick version. Please follow the same steps as given above to fix the issues related to BeeTV not working after update. Contact us or leave a comment if you have any related queries.